This Blog: What’s It All About?

This blog is for everyone and anyone who wants to know more about Jesus Christ.

Its purpose is two-fold.
First, this blog was created with the non-believer in mind. The intention of this blog is to draw all to Christ. Prayerfully, through intriguing and thought-provoking comments people will, more often than not,  be asking about and eventually committing their life to Christ.  The second purpose of this blog is to have a place where  everyone — non-believer and born-again alike,  can talk about the “real side of Christianity”.

Too often, born-again believers come across as having all the answers . This is not so. We too, have to decide what we will practice or condone regarding such issues of life as: drugs, sex, entertainment, fashion, hypocrisy, lying, cheating, and all the others topics that a limited  space won’t permit  mentioning.

Please join in on the conversation.  Presumably along the way, some will laugh, cry, be in denial, maybe even get a little angry, but more importantly all who desire will get godly understanding and be set free for the Master’s use!


2 thoughts on “This Blog: What’s It All About?

  1. I read your info and I think the Father left us with too much of choice. When we accept Christ, everything is set for us and a sure way of life is before us. Even those of us who are mature Christians wrestle with the choices of right and wrong. When I would do good evil is all around.

  2. This is my first blog response ever.
    Be patient; things like this take time like a planted seed.
    If you try to watch it grow, it will seem to never do a thing.

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