Taming My Tongue! — Day 30

The silent tongue seems the most damaging to me. I have no statistics to prove it, but somehow this one seems to be so far-reaching. People don’t address wrong-doing (basically sin) in the home, at school, or at church. Our ignoring the wrongdoing does not make it disappear. It just gets bigger and more entrenched in children as they become adults. These adults abuse themselves and the people in their circle of influence. They may even abuse or kill strangers depending on how out-of-control they become.
If we as educators, parents, grandparents, pastors, ministers, or even just bold citizens address little Johnny or little Susie when we first notice the wrong behavior, might not our personal worlds and definitely our societies at-large be more peaceful?

I might get flack for this stance! Oh well, at least the discussion will be void of silence!


Taming My Tongue! — Day 26


This is the day that discouragement gets addressed. Pegues comments that discouraging someone else is the evidence that you lack faith in God’s ability.

I am guilty!
I have learned though the more you rehearse God’s Word, your faith increases and you look less at the circumstance and more at God and what He has done. God does not change. A line from one of Tye Tribbet’s songs: “If He did it before, He can do it again”!

Taming My Tongue! — Day 21

The self-absorbed tongue can be a trap for me, if I am not careful!
I have much to say… and well if no one else wants to talk… here’s what I think. 🙂

One does tire of the person who has nothing else to talk about but him or herself. Therefore, I make myself focus on what the other person is saying. To ensure that he or she knows that I am listening, I will give cues such as turning towards the person or nodding as he or she speaks. The person’s positive cues back to me keeps me focused on him or her; then, I can get through the conversation.

Too, I remind myself that if all I am doing is talking about me, then I am probably not presenting God to others nor sharing His grace and mercy unto me. For surely, I do not live this life on my merit alone!

How do you keep yourself from always talking about you!

Share your method!

Is Your Mouth Killing You? ~ Part 2

Hello all:

Still working on having the right things come out of my mouth. I have improved a little since that August 30, 2009, post.

I have become more conscious of when negative words are about to just rush forth past my lips. I sometimes keep my lips from speaking evil, but… there’s still much discipline and prayer left to do.

And then, once I begin to master the “conversation part” then I have to work on being delivered from thinking the negative thoughts altogether.

So much to do… Oh, Father… please help.

The Tongue: Oh, Was It About To Wound Me!

I was really frustrated today regarding a circumstance. The person would not quickly do as I had asked. I just started demanding that he obey. But to get what I wanted, I could feel myself getting overheated and definitely working towards telling the person off ! I had to remind and discipline myself to respond to the circumstance and not to keep reacting.

What does it say in the book of James about the tongue being an “unruly member”… I had to really focus on that scripture. Only the Master helped me pull myself together.

How do you ask the Father to help you, when your tongue just wants to keep wagging?

Is Your Mouth Killing You?

When you get up in the morning do you speak positive, pleasant words to yourself and/or your family members?  Or are you often saying statements such as :

* I can’t
* I’ll never be able to ________
* I am so stupid
* I’m broke
* I’ll never get that raise

— or–
* You good-for-nothing ________
Chances are, if these negative statements and more are coming out of your mouth then you are doing your own self harm.

Our final authority, Jesus, says in Matthew 12:37: ” For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

I sometimes forget to say positive, faith-affirming statements. Life happens: a family member disappoints me again or some person is rude and I become rude in turn.  But the Master is gracious unto me and reminds me that I must keep a watch over my mouth! I really do want to speak words of life and encouragement to myself and others. I know it pleases God and it sure makes me feel so much better about myself and my day!

How about you?