Taming My Tongue! –Day 8

The Self-Deprecating Tongue — well, here I fall very short!

Or, at least I need much work! I discovered within the last six months, that I am self-deprecating! That is, one who talks negatively about him or herself!

I don’t do this out loud! But in my head, oh man!

I got to stop the self-doubt in my mind. Saying scriptures and singing positive songs has helped!

What do you do to stop the negative vibes from within?



Happy 2015!

Hello all:

There are several new concepts that the Lord has given me in the past weeks. I hope to share some of this with you as this new year of 2015 unfolds. The primary concepts I am learning focus on spiritual warfare. Assuming I apply these concepts well, I look forward to having more victory over the enemy for myself, for family, and the community-at-large.

Isn’t is great how The Master has provided us with all we need for living victoriously in this life and the eternal life to come! And we get presented faultless when we come before His throne to boot!

Happy 2015 everyone!
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Prayerfully, discussions of victory shall abound! ūüôā

100 Days of Prayer Challenge — 70

Today: God gave me a quick answer to yesterday’s sin.

You know that I told you that I got angry at a family member. I got angry because of an insulting comment unto me. I retaliated.  I wanted to do SOMETHING so that the person would stop emotionally hurting me. Surely, he should feel some consequence for his action. He should not hurt my feelings so deeply and just laugh about, not recognizing nor acknowledging  my hurt!

Shortly after my sinful action, I began to regret it, knowing that “vengeance belongeth to God”. I prayed, “Father from now on let a person feel the pain that she or he has caused me.¬† Not a physical pain necessarily, but a consciousness of my pain. And let that be enough for me. If retaliation is to be given let it come from You, not from me. Retaliation brings me no joy, but great remorse. I know in trying to take the matter into my hands I have sinned against thee. For vengenance belongeth to You. Please take away the need for vengeance/retaliation away from me.”

I was reminded via a bible lesson that my retaliation was a result of my feelings of “being wounded” My anger did not necessarily have to lead to sin, but since my response was wrong, my action became sinful.

Note: The family member’s insulting comment should not have been said. And I should not have responded to it as I did. See St. Matthew 5:21-25. Our behaviors could lead to hell fire in the long run and, at the least, was immediately displeasing to God.

Alas, another reminder of how I need to depend on God for daily righteous living!

Go Ahead, Do The Wrong Thing!

I am sure you are doing a double-take as you read the title of this post.
BUT-T-T-T before you get too blown away… hear me out.

So here I am waiting for a house issue to be resolved this very second.
(Yeah I am really going to get far as the person necessary to solve this problem is not even around right now.…)

¬†Anyway… I want the issue taken care of right now. The battle within begins

I hear in my head: 

A. Well, you could try to fix the situation yourself.

B. But, you will probably make a mistake.
C. The person who could best solve the issue will be angry if he figures out you tried to do his job.
D. Well, maybe he will never realize I’ve tampered, I mean intervened, in the situation
E. Yeah, go ahead and do it.
F. But, won’t it be wrong?
G. Go ahead and the do the wrong thing anyway. tired of waiting on him to fix it anyhow!

¬†(Sigh) All the do good, do the right stuff gets larger than the text that’s flowing across my mind’s screen.¬†

Okay… okay so here I am waiting without intervening… for just one more dayWhat about you? Are you waiting it out too, just for one more day?

Lord You promised that they that wait upon You shall have their strength renewed. Infuse me with new strength I am tired of waiting.

Reader do you feel the same way too?


Live While You Can!

Youth puts one in the delusion that one will live forever! Yet life passes so quickly. Be encouraged to do that “something” or repair that relationship today¬† that you have avoided mending.

¬†Psalm 90 :12 King James Version (KJV) states,” 12So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

I know that at times life feels so difficult that the moments drag on like years. Nevertheless, in the big picture of a life the days on earth are few. .

Live while you can!