Taming My Tongue! –Day 10

Well, the eighth day’s entry was definitely a challenge for me – Day 10: the gossiping tongue- is not. I do my best not to gossip because in church circles I have seen the emotional fallout from those at the receiving end. Females usually burst into tears and males stand there fuming. In either case, you can see or sense the hurt and/or betrayal that has resulted.

I do not want to be the root cause of such fallout. No thanks!

I write this post because the author challenges us not to gossip at work as well as at home.

Are you doing what you can to make sure all of your environments are gossip-free zones*?

*See page 48 of 30 Days to Tame Your Tongue by Deborah Smith Pegues

Taming My Tongue! –Day 8

The Self-Deprecating Tongue — well, here I fall very short!

Or, at least I need much work! I discovered within the last six months, that I am self-deprecating! That is, one who talks negatively about him or herself!

I don’t do this out loud! But in my head, oh man!

I got to stop the self-doubt in my mind. Saying scriptures and singing positive songs has helped!

What do you do to stop the negative vibes from within?


Taming My Tongue! — Day 6

I’ve learned over the years not to have an “argumentative” tongue!

I do have much to say, but I don’t have to have a comeback all the time! There are times when you can hear a comment and you really can ignore it!

The scripture that does help me keep it together is the one that speaks of “having to give an account for every idle word! To argue for argument’s sake sounds like one is piling up many idle words.

What do you think?


Tame Your Tongue? 30 Day Challenge

02.21.2017 The scriptures speak of the tongue being a deadly member of one’s body. I know my words can be sarcastic, some might even say caustic,  if I’m pressed at the wrong moment. I know I should do better. I want to do better. We never know when the Master will come back to get […]

Bucketed! 2017

Blogged one of my favorite authors: Lois Lowry (January 2017)

Reflecting on how short life can be I have decided to take my first stab at living out a “bucket list”.  While I have 27 goals I want to complete before I die –I believe I have completed 4 to date — many of them are long-term and require the assistance of others.

The list/achievements I share here,  however is more short-term and are items I am more likely to get done by myself.  Note: I am usually straight-laced so most of what will get posted here will not be eye-popping. But I can get a bit adventurous — should I really go to the zoo and see if they will wrap a snake around my neck! There are a few  items that will require more money than I had  planned on spending this year for entertainment, experimenting, or living large. But-t-t-t- this becomes a great opportunity for me to see God manifest for me ” … He has given unto us all things that pertain to life and godliness” (II Peter 1:3).

I will attempt to post something for every month. My life can get crazy busy so the happenings may get clumped together at times.

Share the ride with me!!!!!