Oh, God’s Lovingkindness!

How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God! therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings.
~ Psalm 36:7

I started meditating on how God loves us no matter what we’ve done. I began to mentally search for biblical words that express this concept.

Today I thought of “lovingkindness”. It means tenderness and consideration towards others. On your meanest, worst day towards yourself, others, and even God Himself, the Master has extended lovingkindness towards  you. (I know He has done so towards me!)  🙂 God does allow us to live through some stressful, even bitter situations but when you settle yourself, you realize without His lovingkindness it could have been worse!

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Happy 6th Anniversary !


6 years, or 2,000+ days of off-and-on writing! That’s my blogging story behind this my first blog!  I’ve had days, like most bloggers, when I didn’t think I could formulate one more sentence!

But here I am six years later still plugging away at it. Still writing about how the Master cares for us, takes care of each of us, and remains sovereign anyhow!

Thanks for all my readers who have hung along with me on the journey.
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