Heart Map It For God!

Hello all:

Today I discovered the concept of a heart map — a visual representation of what you love and care about most! I thought, “This seems like a great way to do arts and crafts and lift up God simultaneously.”  Go to  http://writingfix.com/genres/narrative_mentor_texts/How_to_write_life_story.htm for examples of heart maps done by school-age children. And while the concept of heart maps is related to teaching and writing well, we’ll just take every opportunity we can to show how much we love God. (Since He’s forgiven of us so much, it’s a small thing to do, right!)

Share your heart map experience here.

Happy drawing!


Prayer Moves God!

I was struck by the idea that God, Keeper of the Universe, who reigns in heaven is so near us.
His divineship allows Him to manage a universe, yet He is never too busy or too preoccupied, that He does not want to listen to or give a response of encouragement or instruction to our listening ear.

How many times have I needed encouragement or instruction: and was not God there to supply the words I needed?

People often say, “Prayer changes things!” Better yet, sincere prayer from a person’s mouth moves God to act! He then changes our attitude toward or changes the circumstances around us.
Prayer moves God!
Share how praying to God has moved Him to act on your behalf.