Outside the Rules!

God’s answers live outside the rules!

Keep looking for the abnormal. Start to expect the unexpected. God does not think or work like we do! ¬†ūüôā


100 Days of Prayer Challenge — Day 100

Well, all:

I actually made it to  day 100! Praise God!

There is much to say about the journey. I am grateful to God for giving me the desire to execute the challenge to myself.  I am  glad that I could face myself with the weakness of not stopping to talk to God more often and then I could work at doing better.

The highs of the prayer journey:
— executing the discipline to follow through on praying, which included making myself to go pray with my church’s prayer group. (I had to go directly after 8 hours of the workday.)

— having a sense of balance about my life
— praying 97 of the 100 days that I intended to pray
— remembering to pray for others such as family members, co-workers, local¬†politicians, missionaries,¬†and even President Barak Obama.

The lows of  the prayer journey:
—¬† missing 3 days of prayer
—¬† beating myself up for the days I missed¬† praying
— beating myself up for the days when I felt like I hadn’t prayed long enough or that¬† it didn’t “feel like” I connected¬† with God.

Another item of note: I noticed I “spoke in tongues” more frequently during the prayer challenge. I can only assume that my consistently talking to God freed up the Holy Spirit within to manifest Himself.


100 Days of Prayer — Day 99

Oh Father, help me be forthright with You. Let me not play the mental game within myself that You do not know where I am, who I am, and what I think. No night is too dark, no cavern so deep, nor no  mountain so high that You can not reach me.

No matter the circumstance, when You call me let me be able to say, “Here I am Lord. I knew You would be looking for me.”