100 Days of Prayer Challenge — Day 60

Father: Preserve my life in thy righteousness (Psalm 119:40).  Your righteousness is the best place for me.


100 Days of Prayer Challenge — Day 50

Hello all:
Yesterday, I opened the blog by talking about the prayer journeys highs and lows.  In this entry I showcase a “high”  although I didn’t feel that way when the concept originally needled its way within my brain. I began asking myself, “How much do you trust God? As the days passed, I just started demanding myself to trust God more!  I began diligently telling myself to behave as if God will answer my prayer. “Don’t ask God for something and then behave in a way that shows you never expected the situation to be resolved as you wished.”

Hmmm… let me try telling you a story.

I had prayed for God to allow me to take a college course this Fall. I feared the class would be closed because school was scheduled to start in two days.[ God resolves level — After a few rounds of inquiry, I found out that The class still had available slots although it was scheduled to begin in two days.]

I had not taken a course at this school in over a year.  I forget what my email and password were and I could not find where I had written it down. [Second level resolved  — A very helpful and patient Information Technology person fixed my email and password problems.]

The earliest I could get to campus to register would have ~ 6:30 PM. I was not confident that I could complete registration as I thought it was over by 7PM. [Third level resolved — The same helpful lady informed me that registration  would be open until 8PM that night.  Now I had time to register.]

I could not be anymore set!

I go to walk out the door and it was drenching rain! I mean raining like God maybe thought He would think about bring The Flood back around. My heart sank; I was so close. I started to forget the entire situation. Just then it came to me , “Didn’t you ask God to work this out for you? So why don’t you pray all the way there and just trust that He will not allow you to get drenched.”

And that ‘s what I did! I prayed to the subway steps. — I didn’t get drenched! 🙂

I prayed coming up out of the subway. I got to the surface to find the rain had stopped!

By the day’s end, I was registered.

I told this rather long story as a testimony to you and, still, to myself.

If you ask God to do a thing, then follow all the way through with it assuming He will remove the obstacles along the way. Don’t you get distracted! Don’t you be the one to have stopped the progress!

Living as if God is going to come through for you — well, that’s definitely a high!

100 Days of Prayer Challenge — Day 49

Here I am just a day away from the half-way mark of getting through this challenge.

The journey has had its lows and highs.

Low: I have actually had to THINK/DISCIPLINE myself to follow-through on this challenge. I guess, somehow, I was hoping that if I verbally said I would complete the challenge then the follow-through would be automatic. No such happenings here. Daily I find myself  rehearsing, “You said you would prayer 30 minutes every day, now do it.”
Then, I have to dead stop some activity, and do the praying, and not just talk about doing.

High: I feel like the events of each day have fallen into place. Normally, I am in situations where I would have had to “make sure” someone did his or her part of a task.  These days that has not been necessary. More often than not people have been cooperative — what a relief!

Another high: I feel that God is giving me insight or revelation regarding situations in my life. No, I have not gotten answers to most of the biggies, but the small ones yes. I get a distinct impression to  “go here”  or  a sudden understanding that ” this is why that person is acting that way.”

And a few times people have just been kind to me.  Once I dared to ask God was this kindness, this favor because I had disciplined myself to pray?

He has not answered this one yet. Maybe He’s just biding His time: He knows I have 51 days to go. 🙂

100 Days of Prayer Challenge — Day 48

Hello all:

One of the ministers preached at church yesterday about “picking up the mantle”. He was directing his message to the youth. He was passionately encouraging the youth to do the aspects of ministry and church service as they have observed their leaders do.

I direct this thought of “picking up the mantle” to you. Just as Elisha picked up the mantle of Elijah and received a double portion of God’s anointing, ask yourself,  “Whose (spiritual) mantle am I picking up?”

Father help us to be in our respective places so that we will know who we should be patterning ourselves after that we might continue Your work in our generation.