100 Days of Prayer — Day 3

A prayer request has come in.

Dear Father: Please give direction and favor to A & L while they are in NYC.

Let them return home with an awesome praise report of how you worked situations out for them. And even if circumstances get rough allow them to remember that You never give us more than we can bear. Aa-a-aa-a-a-amen!


100 Days of Prayer — DAY 2

My prayer right now is Lord let your will be done in my life, even if it feels like it is to my hurt.

The song that best describes my feelings can be seen on a Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qxs0sfURZM

Do share what your experiences are!

Note: I officially started the prayer on Sunday, but since the system is not in real time, it posted as July 30. July 30th is officially , Day 2.

100 Days of Prayer Challenge! DAY 1

100 DAYS OF PRAYER: JULY 29 -November 5, 2012

Hello all:

Testimonies went forth this morning in Sunday service. One struck me as particularly poignant. One of the brothers at our church gave this testimony:  A relative of his  who had not been a believer and a drug addict started praying everyday for at 90 minutes. He reported that since he started praying he has been free from the drug addiction. He has been “clean”  for at least 6 months!

Now that’s the God I serve. Admittedly I have not seen God work in my life lately in such a striking manner. But I also have not been praying so diligently. I know that God will work on our behalf. And no God is not a Santa Claus! He does not just dole out wishes because we ask. Yet, He does honor our communion with Him. Too, He wants to talk to us. I Chronicles 16:9 says that He is looking to and fro throughout the earth looking to show Himself strong to them whose hearts are perfect toward Him.

Let’s just be real: you can’t have a perfect heart toward God if you are not consistently communing with Him. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think God will strike us down if we forget a day of prayer.

But what should make us to be so unfocused to forget? A crisis should automatically bring us to the throne of God. And a grateful heart should make us come daily to say thanks. So if we are not praying daily, we must be ( and yes I am talking about myself here too) having a complacent heart.

Down with the complacency!

No more excuses about being too tired to pray because of work, family, or even church commitments. On to daily communing with God: onto victory!

My goal is to pray to for at least 1/2 hour every day for the next 100 days.

Can you join me? Share your victories here! 🙂

What Is Thy Petition?

Hello all:

I was thinking about God today and what He allows. A scripture from Esther 5th chapter came to mind. “So what is thy petition… what is thy request?” Isn’t it exciting to think about the opportunities God might grant us just because we ask Him? 🙂

Share what He allows this week just for you!