Six Months And Counting Down!

Hello all:

Often we procrastinate. We say, “Oh I’ll get to it.” But who says that we

will get to one task or another. (And sadly enough, we usually put off the tasks that are most important to our emotional stability or security of our loved-ones.)

Hmmm, I am considering giving myself a challenge. How would I live the next 180 days if I thought that was all the time I had left. (Technically, I am pretending that this is so, but in truth, since we know not the day or hour that our life should end, six months could even be too long.) In short we should do whatever matters most to us today. The day in hand is the only day we have. (Is it not written in the book of James of the New Testament, that our life is like a vapor that vanisheth away?)

Will you take the challenge with me? How should we now live if 180 days is all that we had left? What legacy would you leave behind? What do you want people to be saying was your godly reputation?


Happily and Humbly Receive!

Hello all:
Are you praying that God will do something, solve some problem for you? Well, as I was praying this morning, God gave me encouragement that I wanted to share with you.

Sometimes when we are waiting for God to work out problems or give solutions in our life, we get discouraged thinking that, “He isn’t going to do this for me. I don’t deserve Him to resolve this problem for me.”

Reconsider your position!

If God loved you enough to save you, then calm yourself. Happily and humbly receive whatever He is kind enough to give you!