Death Penalty: A Choice for Born-Again Christians?

Hello all:

I was recently in a conversation where the subject of the death penalty was mentioned. Someone wanted to know what I thought about convicts leaving the planet in this manner. So I said, ” I do support the death penalty.”

Readers may be surprised to learn that I as a born-again Christian write in support of the death penalty. After all, aren’t born-again Christians suppose¬† to love all?

I do support the death penalty.” Here’s why:

If it is accurately proven that someone has violently harmed and/or murdered someone else, then that person has earned the option to be murdered as well. Why should I, or we as a society, ask for a convict’s life to be spared when he or she did not extend the same compassion to the victim?

No, you get what you earn. If intentional murder is what you have sown, then murder is what you reap.

What do you think? Should born-again Christians support the death penalty?


How’s Your Fashion Holding Up?

Hey saints: How is your armor holding up? You know, your helmet of salvation, your breastplate of righteousness, and your shield of faith?
We have to keep these items and our sword (the Word of God) donned at all times !
Satan is always doing battle against us and so we must be dressed ready and able to win the battle through the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.