Reflections:What’s New After The Daniel Fast

Hello all:

So I just finished the Daniel Fast…

What I found:

Diet wise — I found I did have the discipline to eat foods from  a limited diet. So YES WE CAN do a task to completion even if it is difficult for us to do! 🙂 And too, I did find a few good dishes or foods  to eat. Tofu and I have now actually become friends.  (Try using Silken Tofu to make a milkshake — scrumptious!)

After reviewing the entire Bible study packet: I had more questions than answers. Most of questions had to do with the spirit realm.

a. Does worship activate the spirit world?

b. How can the spirit realm be just or as real as the natural world we live in?

2. My favorite new scripture has become ” Let my heart be sound in thy statutes that I be not ashamed. ” ~ Psalm 119:80 (KJV)

Finally, I can encourage you that if you persevere and make time for the Lord, while you may have many end up with many unanswered questions, somehow just talking out your thoughts unto God makes even the “not knowing” okay. You get to be in His presence which spiritually compensates you so much!


Does Worship Activate The Spirit World?

While engaging in the Daniel Fast, we have study materials to use.

One comment I came across was that “worship activates the spiritual world” .  Hmmm… not sure what I think about this comment.

Do you agree or disagree with the statement that “worship activates the spirit world”?

Several hours after my original post I am  still thinking about this question:
* What specifically is my definition of the  “spirit world”?
* Do I mean “spiritual realm” instead of “spirit world”?
* Who or what resides in the spirit world/spiritual realm?
My initial thought is that the spirit world/spiritual realm is the  invisible place where God the Father, Jesus,  Holy Spirit, angels, and demons reside.

But somehow I am overlapping terms or concepts.

~ For the angels are in heaven with God the Father and Jesus the Son.
~ Demons have been cast down onto the earth
~ and the Holy spirit was sent down from heaven as the Comforter to the saints.
Also a  quick search of terms on the Internet leads me to believe that I should be using the term” spiritual realm” instead of “spirit world”.

Whew this all needs more unpacking! Please post your thoughts!

Daniel Fast Beginnings

Hello all:

I will be starting the Daniel Fast soon . The Daniel Fast is presented by Susan Gregory. In the book she advocates doing as the prophet Daniel did by eating “no meat and no pleasant food” One can be on this  vegan-based fast for seven days but she suggests a longer stretch. (See for more information.)

Someone at my church was thinking about fasting to consecrate this new year unto the Lord. Simultaneously, she found the book “The Daniel Fast by Susan Gregory” and so now several dozen of us at my church are embarking on this fast that will not only cleanse the body of chemicals but will give us an opportunity to grow closer to the Lord.

And while the idea of fasting is not directly related to my blog, I am sharing some of my experiences relating to these fasting and praying days. I am sure after prayer and repenting I will again be able to shout yet again, that Jesus will indeed present me faultless before the Father no matter what.