Happiness: Are You Expecting It From Above?

Hello all:

I am reflecting upon the idea, “Where does happiness come from”?

We often say or hear others say that happiness does not come from having great riches, or that others, for example a spouse, can not make you happy. The world view is that you have to make yourself happy! You can strive to find happiness via fame, fortune, education, sex, a spouse, or entertainment.

I am reading a book by the late Dr. James Boice entitled, “The Sermon on the Mount“. In the book’s opening chapter Dr. Boice states that happiness comes only from God. You can find it no where else.
Dr. Boice continues that happiness is a gift and that ” every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and cometh down from the Father of lights… (See James 1:17 KJV.)

Hmmm… if we embrace this concept wholeheartedly could it be that most of the ways we seek happiness should be abandoned? And that we should just: look up, thank the Father for another free gift, and spend so much more of our time in praise and adoration of He who again is demonstrating that He loves us above all?


Hard Questions: What’s Your Answer? ~ Part 2

As Christians we are told to trust God to provide for our financial, emotional, healing, and spiritual needs.

Share practical ways that demonstrate that you trust God more than your bank account!
Share practical ways that demonstrate you trust God to heal you or keep you in good physical and emotional health?

Hard Questions:What’s Your Answer?

Hello all:

I became challenged by these questions:
1. How have you handled giving someone godly advice which he  or she does not want to follow.  Yet, it said that you should accept him or her even though you disagree with the choice(s) that he or she is making?

2. What is the dividing line between tolerance versus acceptance or tolerance versus dismissing a person?

Are You Getting To Know The Unknown God?

Do you feel that you can not know God? Well, let me encourage you that you can get to know Him. Just as you get to know a person, you too can know God.
Follow the steps  below that will ensure that you can know God.
First, let me introduce you to God. He is the only true  God. (Read St. John 17:3 for a confirmation about this comment.)

He is a part of a Godhead: He has 3 distinct personalities as God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Spirit. Most often you hear born-again Christians talk in terms of Him as the Son, as Jesus Christ. For we believe without Jesus Christ in your life as your personal Savior, you can not go to heaven.

* Now that I have introduced you to Him, spend time with Him — Get to know His character or get surface knowledge of who He is through reading the Bible. Below are some examples of what you can know of God through the Scriptures.

a. He is omnipotent – Acts 17:24-25
b. He is omniscient – Psalm 139:4

c. He is omnipresent – Psalm 139:7-8
d. He loves you – I Peter 5:7; Jeremiah 31:3

e. He wants to provide for you – Philippians 4:19 “And my  God shall supply all your need…”
f. He wants to protect you – Proverbs 18:10;
(Another good example of his desire to protect us can be found in  Psalm 57:1 “Be merciful unto me,  O God, be merciful unto  me:  for  my  soul trusteth in thee: yea, in the   shadow of thy wings will I make my  refuge, until these calamities be  overpast.”

* Get to know His character more intimately as you pray
a. He will speak to your mind – Jeremiah 33:3
b. He can speak to you in an audible voice – Isaiah 30:21 your “ears will hear a voice behind thee saying. This is the  way walk ye in it.”

Once you have done this you will indeed find that you are getting to know the One who before to you had been the Unknown God.

Be Blessed!