God Is A God of Multiplication!

Hello all:

I received some distressing financial news today. This is one of those days when I have to call on the Father to make a way when no way seems apparent.

I also need to rehearse the concepts from St. Matthew 6th chapter. If God took care of the lilies and the grass then surely He will supply the need.  I think, too, of the woman in the Old Testament who needed money to pay her debts.  Elisha the prophet told her to get all the jars she had in her house. She was even instructed to borrow jars from her neighbors. The little oil she had multiplied until she had filled all the jars in the house. She was able to pay the debt and live off the rest. (II Kings 4:1-7)

God is a god of multiplication!

(Writing this post has helped me feel better. Yet please pray to God for me that I will keep my eyes on Him, remember the magnitude of His resources, look for the manifestation of those resources on my behalf, and that I will love Him no matter what He chooses to allow.)


Are You Questioning Life’s Choices Too?

A young lady I know is scheduled to go into City Year, a community service program throughout the United States. (She says there are also locations in London and South Africa. Go to www.cityyear.org for more information.)

She spouted out potential tasks. I included her responses in italics.

Creating a lesson plan “I don’t know how to do that!

Teaching a student how to divide “That’s iffy.”
(Hmmm… I agree with that one. I personally know that she’s not that great at math!)

Building a bench –” I don’t do manual labor!”

She then questions if this is the program for her! I initially laughed at her comments, but it does bring up a point to discuss.

What happens when we think we have made a good life choice and then it looks like maybe not? I know that I have to talk to myself (literally) and say that all things work together for my good.

Is there anything that brings you swift relief from the panic that comes when a life choice you’ve made looks like a fail-choice?

Is Your Mouth Killing You? ~ Part 2

Hello all:

Still working on having the right things come out of my mouth. I have improved a little since that August 30, 2009, post.

I have become more conscious of when negative words are about to just rush forth past my lips. I sometimes keep my lips from speaking evil, but… there’s still much discipline and prayer left to do.

And then, once I begin to master the “conversation part” then I have to work on being delivered from thinking the negative thoughts altogether.

So much to do… Oh, Father… please help.

What Are You Decreeing and Declaring?

Dr. N. Cindy Trimm has an eight volume series on Spiritual Warfare*. The series is entitled, Rules of Engagement.

In Volume 1 she gives very specific prayers to say regarding protecting yourself from Satan and his demons’ devices and how to speak positive anointed words/principles into your life.  I particularly liked her prayers about decreeing and declaring. (Decree she defines as authority order, directive, or command enforced by law.  Declare is to state emphatically and authoritatively.)

Here’s a sample from her book Vol 1, p. 41–
“I decree and declare wisdom is my counselor; the Holy Spirit is my Consultant; Jesus is my Advocate. God, El Elyon, my only Judge has declare and I therefore establish that my officers are peace, my exactors righteousness, my walls salvation, and gates praise (Genesis 47:27; Isaiah 60:17-18).”

So as you consider strengthening yourself in the Lord through prayer, I ask you what are you decreeing and declaring?

* If you are new to spiritual warfare,take caution. Battling against Satan and his forces is not something one should try as a casual past time.
See my other entries from November 14, 2009, and April 26, 2010, for more.

100 Things You Get When You Become Saved!

What’s On Your List?

Hello all:

I wanted something fun and lighthearted today. Someone was preaching and provoked me to write an idea: what are the benefits of being saved?

There are of course the obvious items: forgiveness, peace of mind,  and the privilege of eternal life after death. But what are some quirky/odd/cool things that you do or find are a benefit to you or a result of your becoming a  born-again Christian?

I’ll start the list… do add to it! 🙂

1. I can laugh at some of the stupid things I do because Jesus covers my mistakes!

2. I look up into the clouds,  talk to God, and keep my head tilted for a few seconds… waiting as though He’s going to stick His head out of the clouds and respond:-d (It’s great when I have moments such as those: I feel like He’s my bosom buddy!)

3. I look for the favor* of God to happen to me even in what might seem like insignificant places such as at the supermarket or bank.

4. You become a singer! The longer you are saved– you hear songs of praise and worship that you love! You start singing them, even if you can’t carry a tune in a bucket!

* [God’s “favor” is a way of  saying that God allows circumstances to be resolved positively and often quickly in your behalf. For more on God’s favor:  go to November 10, 2009,  &  May 1, 2010, entries. ]


6/4/2010 — Numbers 5-7 were posted by Eden.

8. We expect miracles to happen now. (We know God can do miracles… look from where He brought us!)

9. More self-acceptance: if God can tolerate us, then can we not love our selves?


10. Insights — You will get understanding into people’s thinking and into circumstances that you never would have conceived of by yourself.


11. Appreciation for the Use of One’s Limbs

On my About Me page a visitor recently made a comment regarding  Joni Eareckson Tada, a quadripeglic, who rebounded and has lead an active and productive  life some 30+ years since her accident.  She is also in ministry. See her website at http://www.joniandfriends.org/

I had heard mention of her before because she had been in the news in the past. After her accident, she learned to create wonderful artwork while placing the paintbrush between her teeth!  Yet reading her biography today, I was again reminded of how wonderful it is to be able to use all of one’s body parts.  God shows a person how to appreciate so much! 🙂
12. Someone saw me running down the street today. He stopped to say that I was overly-blessed because I could run like that when many could not.  So right now I am thanking God for the ability to run!

13. The repeated experience of euphoria — Oh the delight of seeing how God takes care of us day after day. It makes you fall in love with Him over and over again.