Provisions For Me, For Real? — Part 2

Hello all:
Revisiting the topic about provision I started last week.

I was discussing the idea with an associate and he commented that it’s God’s business how He will provide for us. We should not fret about how He will provide.  Provision is His business; our business is to trust that He will provide.  🙂

Also, look at this Internet site regarding provision. Go to
Share what you think.



Hello all:

I thank God for allowing my daily needs to be met, for having  good health and for having a sound mind. Only God has allowed me to “keep it together”! I praise Him!

What makes you want to say thanks?

No, God: No Problem! NOT SO!

Today and in the upcoming weeks the American Humanist Association will be running ads with the slogan No God? … No Problem!

While I am sure that people who don’t believe in God (or any gods for that matter) want to feel like they belong, denying God won’t get them far.

We can deny God; yes He allows it.
We can even be good (as in presented in their argument) but our goodness doesn’t last long. Soon enough the baser, wicked heart of man will surface. It always does.

And while I would direct them to Jeremiah 17:9, I don’t even have to go there. Just look throughout the history of man. For all the times mankind looked like he was going to come shining through someone comes along and destroys the peace or success because of lust and/or greed.

In short, if you don’t have God in your life, you’ve got big problems!

Provisions For Me, For Real?

I’ve been thinking about the topic of God’s provision.

Do we really believe that God will provide for us? What if we were never able to work again? Do we still believe and trust that God will provide?

My pastor said to remember that God provides for His children because it is within His character to do so.  She also said that when we are doing the will of God, He can’t do anything else but take care of us. He takes care of the birds of the air as given in Matthew 6th chapter. Are we not much more precious than they?

Share your thoughts. What experiences and/or scriptures do you have that assures you that God will provide for you?

Spiritual Warfare: What Is It?

Just recently, I was asked what is spiritual warfare.  Spiritual warfare is often thought of as an invisible war between between Satan and the other fallen angels (demons) and God. While God is the ultimate victor, Satan will do all in his power to thwart God’s plan for mankind.

If that previous line means little to nothing to you, try this. Long story short: Satan tried to take God’s ultimate place and honor in heaven. God banished him and 1/3 of the his followers out of heaven forever. Satan is angry that God kicked him out of heaven. Satan can not defeat God. Yet, to get back at God, Satan does all he can to distract or discourage mankind (God’s ultimate creation) from accepting God plan’s for their lives (this includes accepting Jesus as personal Savior. )

There is much material on the subject of spiritual warfare. For now I want to include here one of the best definitions I have found since studying the subject in 2002 0r 2003.

Spiritual warfare is the analysis of an active participation in the invisible spiritual war. Spiritual warfare also includes the study of opposing  forces of good and evil. the strategies of Satan, and spiritual strategies for overcoming the enemy.

Spiritual warfare is “multidimensional”…

  • It is a social battle between the believer and the world — St . John 15:18-27
  • It is a personal battle between the flesh and the spirit — Galatians 5:16-26
  • It is a supernatural battle betwen believers and the evil spiritual powers — Ephesian 6:10-27  (See  Spiritual Spiritual : A Manual for Spiritual Warfare, pg. 10.)

Note: As of today, this link works for retrieving a full 200+ copy of the manual.  Go to for a copy of the manaul.

Let’s talk about what spiritual warfare means to you.

What are your experiences with spiritual warfare?

Forgiveness and Healing: God’s Got It!

Dear Father:
Please forgive
John Allen Muhammad for his sniper activity in 2002. As he is scheduled for execution tonight, I pray that You will have mercy on him: forgive him and save his soul.

I pray too for the families of all the victims. Being left behind after a loved one dies can be such a mind-boggling adjustment:only You can carry a person through it and take away the sorrow.  Too Father, take away the loneliness, frustration, hatred, and bitterness that can remain after such an experience.

Thank you Lord.  Amen.

(Added: 17 minutes after origin post) — Father, please heal the hurt being experienced by John Allen Muhammad’s family members. Thank You Father.

God’s Favor: Do You Have It Too?

I was just talking with a friend about 30 minutes ago.
I was thanking God for giving me His favor today. [God’s “favor” is a way of  saying that God allows circumstances to be resolved positively and often quickly in your behalf.]
She said that she had learned to continually walk in the favor of God.
Hmmm, I don’t know if I ever thought about continually walking in God’s favor.

I thought of having His favor as something that He allows to happen to you every now and then.

Wonder what it is that one has to do to walk in God’s favor continually?

What do you think?