Is Your Mouth Killing You?

When you get up in the morning do you speak positive, pleasant words to yourself and/or your family members?  Or are you often saying statements such as :

* I can’t
* I’ll never be able to ________
* I am so stupid
* I’m broke
* I’ll never get that raise

— or–
* You good-for-nothing ________
Chances are, if these negative statements and more are coming out of your mouth then you are doing your own self harm.

Our final authority, Jesus, says in Matthew 12:37: ” For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

I sometimes forget to say positive, faith-affirming statements. Life happens: a family member disappoints me again or some person is rude and I become rude in turn.  But the Master is gracious unto me and reminds me that I must keep a watch over my mouth! I really do want to speak words of life and encouragement to myself and others. I know it pleases God and it sure makes me feel so much better about myself and my day!

How about you?


No Fluff, Just Kindness

Today, I saw a simple, yet wonderful act of kindness. Two brothers, who looked to be 8 and 10 years of age were walking down the street.  Suddenly, the younger brother hoisted the older brother on his back and carried him across the street. As the older brother dangled across his shoulder, I saw that the older brother’s foot was bleeding.  When I complimented the younger brother for his kindness, he just said that  “he hadn’t wanted his brother to get dirt in the cut.”

If we all would help another so easily and effortlessly.

The scene made me think more about being my brother’s keeper.

Have you had a chance to be your brother’s keeper today? Better yet, did you act on that opportunity?

Life’s Lessons: Pick an Outcome!

The other day a family member and I were talking about life lessons.  I was encouraging her that she should always learn from her experiences, her choices.  I said, ” Try not to make the same mistake twice.  It is okay to make a mistake, just make sure you learn from it.”

She also added to the conversation the thought that you will either win by making good choices or learn after you have acted on a bad choice. In short, you either win or you learn. I said, “No you either lose or you learn.”

But upon reflection, and needing to work on my optimism, I think she is right. You do either win because you have acted out a good choice or you learn from the experience after making a bad choice.

Do you agree? Or, is it better to say that sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but you always learn?

Proverbs 1:5 (King James Version) A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels.Read More »

Are You Reading Me?

Family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, people at the bus stop, stop light, bank, supermarket, or mall are reading us, reading our lives.

Is this sentence or page of your life a positive or negative one? Would you want them to skip this page or keep re-reading it over and over again?

I would want them to be able to keep re-reading my page because of the love, kindness, or strength I am exuding.

Who’s reading you? What do your words say?

Mental Victory over Symptoms

I was frequently sick this past week.

Day 1-2 I was consistently praying for healing.
Day 3-4 I began to question God.  Had God heard my prayer?  Why was He letting this sickness go on and on? Was there something wrong with my prayer?
Day5 I decided  that I just had to believe in my praying. God heard me and had answered me. I had to keep reminding myself that God had answered me and my body was well in spite of the symptoms.

Day 6 (Repeat of Day 5’s efforts.) Plus a new idea came to me — Often having a disease does not bother us. Many times people walk around sick, sometimes seriously so, and do not know it. Yet once  symptoms appear, then fretting, anxiety, fear, and even terror can set in.

To keep fear from settling within me I began asking the Father to take away the disease and remove the symptoms.

So I leave with these questions:
1. Do you think that we can be healed of a disease, but the symptoms can linger?

2. What do you do to keep yourself from distrusting or blaming God when you get sick?

Welcome to You and Praise to the Father!

If this is your first visit to the blog, then welcome, welcome, welcome!

Today is a wonderful day in the Lord.  I pray that your day is shaping up “just fine” as well. If at the moment it’s not, reflect just a little. I am sure that most of you can think of a day that was worse than what you’re experiencing right now! If you’re even a little like me you’re saying, “Wheww-ww! Glad I am not living that bad day now!” 🙂

Chin up, the Father really does take care of us all. (Pssst, that includes you too.)

Thanks again for the visit.

Come again and come often.